Guide to buying a landed property in Singapore

Purchasing a landed property in Singapore is not an easy task. This is more when compared to buying a newly developed condo unit, which is most cases is presented in a tip-top condition. The physical condition of landed property depends on the previous owner. If you are lucky, you might come across one in a decent state hence no heavy renovation cost.

The ability to small details of the house comes handy in identifying issues that need to be resolved before you make a purchase. If this is your first landed house, it means you are more subjected to deception by nice-looking properties. To avoid these pitfalls, we present to you some of the factors that should guide your price for the property.


The thumb rule when purchasing landed property –steer from any property with a weak foundation. Resolving a foundation issue is time and resource consuming. To spot faults with foundation, check for crack s, unaligned brick walls, doors and window frames.


Landed property in a basement is likely to have moisture issues. Moisture is a health risk as it makes the environment good for mold growth. The cost to resolve such issues is high as you, might need to strip the entire house just to get rid of the health hazard.


Never underestimate the cost of a good roof. A well-done roof can last for up to 20 years. When purchasing a landed property in Singapore, you need to check for sign of aging, e.g., color and state of roofing material. One way to fix the problem is placing a new layer over the old one. If not, you can replace with a brand new one which cost more.


Plumbing is one of the most expensive house finishes. To avoid unplanned cost, you need to examine the condition of toilets, pipes, water heaters, etc. Older homes have more problems with plumbing. Tracing where the problem is cost money, then comes the huge bill or replacing the items and sometimes the entire system. If you find a home has a sewer problem, ask the seller to fix it before you make a purchase.

Electrical wiring

Checking electrical system is fast and easy. You could use an indicator to check if all the switches and electrical units are working normally. Any electrical issue needs to be fixed by a professional, a service that isn’t cheap. The wires themselves are costly so take time and do checkups saving you a lot of money.

Fixtures and appliances

Home appliances and fixture are subject to wear and tear with time. These are usually the windows, doors, kitchen appliance, walls, air-conditioning, etc. Do your research and choose the most economical solution as per your budget. For instance, you can repaint the wall of your house rather than replace it.

It takes time to develop an eye to identifying problems in landed property. If you feel that you lack the knowledge, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. Any problem you identify can be used as a bargaining chip to lower the cost of the house which you can later choose to repair.